Nutritional Therapy for Pets
    Monday - Wednesday: Clinic appointments (9-4)
    Thursday - Friday: Follow-up emails, Skype/phone calls with out-of-state clients.
    Getting to know you...
    A free 15-minute "getting to know you" phone conversation can be scheduled.
    Nutritional Therapy
    Nutritional therapy uses food and nutritional supplements to correct systems (for example, digestion)
    rather than focusing on symptoms. As a functional nutritionist, I search for reasons why the symptoms
    are occurring and develop a "Health Plan" with food and vitamins/minerals to deal with the
    underlying causes of the symptoms.

    I use multiple tools to help assess current nutrition levels and to provide insight on system health.
    These include:
    • Nutrition Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ)
    • Food Journal
    • Muscle testing
    • Functional examination and Lingual Neural Testing
    • Review of existing medications and supplements

    • Blood Chemistry
    • Hair Mineral Analysis (People and Dogs)
    • Genetic Profiling - Nutrigenomics
    • Food Allergy

    Appointments last between 1-2 hours. (Forms are recommended to be filled-out before the visit.)

    Notes from each appointment are emailed to each client for review for accuracy/editing, along with
    recipes and educational materials.

    Out-of-state clients have always been charged an hourly fee based on my time working with them.
    With the increased use of email with local clients to discuss issues and answer questions, my time can
    easily add up to an hour or more per month.

    I believe it is important to keep an open channel to discuss reactions, changing dose, or just trying new
    foods without having to wait for the next appointment.

    So, effective January, 2019, I am going to offer the following monthly service:
    • $75 per month paid in advance for unlimited email exchange for any client.
    • Payment can be cash, check, or Paypal
    • If you don't sign up for the service, then I will record my time and bill you once an hour has been
      reached ($90 per hour).
    • This service does NOT replace an office visit or scheduled Skype session.