Someone asked me why I was different from other nutritionists she has gone to.

First, I like to spend a lot of time with my clients to:
* get to know them,
* hear what their concerns are,
* brainstorm on what caused their    problems, and
* identify steps we can do together to    improve their health.

Second, improving nutrition for my pets and family became a priority when they suffered from different autoimmuune disease and a lesson on how much I didn't know. I spend a lot of time researching and attending podcasts and webinars on issues important to my clients' health.

Third, I study each medication my clients take to ensure the diet and supplements do not interfere with them. Optimally, my goal is to help reduce/eliminate the need for those medications.

I am 74 with a history of gout, Type-2 diabetes, prostate cancer, and chronic myologenous leukemia. Karen has helped me with dietary advice and supplements to mitigate the side effects of my drugs and improve my health. I have been able to decrease the dosage of some drugs and even stopped taking my diabetic medicine. Both my primary care physician and oncologist have commented that besides having cancer, I am very healthy and amazed that I have the energy and stamina to be as active as I am. Dave L.

Update: Dave passed away in his sleep due to heart failure two months before his 80th birthday. Although he slowed down, he still exercised daily and had no complications from his cancer.


We are so grateful to you for helping our little boy! His goal of going back to school has only been able to become a reality because of your hard work and effort! Your knowledge is so astounding and beyond western medicine comprehension. Without a doubt, we know what our son's fate would have been had we not found you! We are forever grateful to you, Karen!! Tracee P.


I came to the South Hills Wellness Center initially for physical therapy for my 7-year old Shar Pei's leg. At the time, I was suffering horribly from side effects of taking medication for hypothyroidsim that two endocrinologists insisted I take because they had "tests results" that confirmed that was my issue. They would not consider any other possible problems I might have until I demonstrated some improvement while taking the medication. They didn't believe that the medication was causing terrible problems because "no one else in their practice had ever presented these issues" like mine.

I shared my health issues with Patricia Kortekaas, PT, who was working on my dog and suggested I should make an appointment to see Karen for both my dog and myself. The decision was life changing. After more than a year of no hope and deteriorating health (most days I wasn't certain I would be able to get out of bed much less work). Karen immediately got to the bottom of my multiple health issues and put me on a path to real wellness. I am seen and cared about as a whole person. My health has taken a 180 degree turn around. I still have some healing left to do and this is a life style forever but the knowledge, compassion and caring my Shar Pei and I have received is amazing. And yes, my Shar Pei is a totally new and healthy dog today after working with Karen and Patricia!
Sherry M.


Thanks so much for everything, Karen. I appreciate the work you're putting into me more than I can express in words. You're helping me change and save my life. Mary B.


One thing about all of these doctor visits and surgeries is they keep telling me how healthy I am! During the first surgery, I heard one doctor say "she has the vitals of a 17-year old"! So, I give you some credit for all of that. Diane P.